A Variety of Self-Help Books for Readers of All Ages

Val-U Books in Thousand Oaks, CA was founded by Theresa Klunk Schultz in hopes of writing books that guide people in leading joyful and meaningful lives.

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“Dear God, I’m Divorced”
A Guide to Healing

“It’s Like…”
A Wonderful Gift

“It’s a Happy Face Day”
A Grandparents Favorite

This book was written for people who are once again single because of divorce. However, much of the book also touches the lives of those who find themselves alone after the death of their spouse.

“Dear God, I’m Divorced” was first published in 1997 by Theresa Schultz who went through a divorce a few years earlier. At the time, she was searching for a book that would not only give her answers but also comfort without having to read for hours. Just as the rose opens a little on each page, so will the reader begin to bloom.

“It’s Like…” is a treasure and a motivational book, which touches on practical solutions for handling both common and unexpected situations. These solutions are often not taught in training. In this book, a real estate agent shares her stories, so others can learn from her experiences.

Each story starts with a clever analogy and followed by a valuable lesson. A final reflection leaves readers with something to think about to enrich their lives. A gem which says so much in so few words.

This classic captures the innocence of childhood in poetry and the wisdom of age in prose. Each catchy verse describes a ‘Happy Face Day’ from a child’s point of view. Grandma’s simple comments and questions validate the child’s observations, gently expand knowledge and stimulate conversation.

A thematic pen-and-ink drawing and a unique happy face for each chat charms one to turn the page. Each exchange is complete so the book may be read chat-by-chat, a few pages at a time or all at once.