Theresa Klunk Schultz: A Talented Self-Help Book Author

Val-U Books is led by Theresa Klunk Schultz—a talented author who captivated the attention of many readers through her self-help books, articles, and more. With a solid commitment to helping individuals in navigating emotions, she strives to write stories that tug at the heartstrings.

Her Works

Throughout the years, Theresa Klunk Schultz has written a myriad of essays and short stories that have won over the hearts of many. Additionally, she has written a column titled “This I’ve Learned” for RAW (Real Authentic Women) magazine, which inspired her to write a collection of self-help books.

This I’ve Learned also seemed an appropriate title for her new venture. Her laconic style shines in all her writing. Each book is born out of her personal experiences

Theresa’s books are written to provide immediate help by reading one page as needed!

“Dear God, I’m Divorced”

“Dear God, I’m Divorced” delivers thought-provoking lessons and honest comfort for anyone experiencing loss—divorced or not. Learn more by reaching out to us.

“It’s Like…”

Getting 25 Years of Experience as a Real Estate Agent

This book offers lessons drawn from real-life situations in Theresa’s career as a realtor, which spans more than 25 years. In every page, she shares pieces of advice that are often not accessible through training courses.

“It’s a Happy Face Day—Simple Rhymes for Happy Times”

Theresa wrote this book in pursuit of an idea, which grew from her desire to fill others—and herself—with joy. Theresa confesses, “I had so much fun writing this book. And I hope it will put a happy face on everyone who reads it. Perhaps growing up with ten brothers and sisters encouraged my need to share.”