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Blog June 10, 2024

how frustrated I was last week to discover that my web site came up as not existing. Even though I wrote a blog, it was hacked. I was concerned that my followers would think my blog was no more. I certainly hope everyone is back with me this week. I’m so sorry that happened. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and I hope you aren’t either.  We still have many  more smiles to share.

(Taken from Over the Hill & On a Roll)
“I don’t let old age bother me. There are three signs of old age. Loss of memory… I forgot the other two”. Red Skelton
Anyone who says he never made a mistake in their life is probably relying on a poor memory…yours.
Nostalgia is remembering the pleasure of sitting in front of big fireplace and not remembering you cut the wood for it.

(Taken from Haley Hints)
To keep food fresh and moist when laying an outdoor buffet, spread damp paper towels over the food until ready to eat.
For juicier hamburgers when barbecuing, be careful not to compress the meat too much. The looser the juicier.
To cook sausages on the grill, stick them on metal skewers. They will be easier to turn.
To serve condiments, pour ketchup, mustard, relish, etc into individual sections of a muffin pan. This makes it easy to pass around.

Watch the elephants right NOW
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Often when someone offends us, our first natural response is to “get even”. Actually, revenge solves nothing. But it can consume us with negative emotions such as anger, hatred or resentment. We don’t want to stoop to the level of the person who wronged us. Think about it!

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