This I’ve Learned

about finding something I didn’t remember I had. Normally, that would’ve been a good thing, but it upset me. Just the other day I needed it and was wishing I had one. I realized that if you have something and you don’t remember you have it, that’s same as not having it. Gosh, now I wonder how many other things I don’t have that I really do have.

(Taken from Old Farmer’s Almanac)
Pumpkins are actually fruit and are 90% water, so after carving they usually last only three days to a week. Surface carve instead of cutting all the way through will make it last longer. Putting a candle inside will shorten the life span. For a bright, shiny finish, spray Armor All on the pumpkin and rub it in. If you decide to paint it for decoration, use a water-based latex paint and wait at least an hour after carving.

you are part of a historical event.
you learn something new everyday and forget five other things.
you feel weird being the same age as old people.
your children begin to look middle-aged.

Want to know the difference between the young and the old?
The young don’t know what to do while the old can’t do what they know.
When I was young, I pitied the old. But now that I’m old, I pity the young.
When I was a kid, nobody died; but now it happens all the time.

(Taken from Easy Does It)
Lightly file both ends of a battery with an emery board to prolong the battery life.
For sliding doors that squeak or drawers that won’t budge, rub runner with candle.
Clear nail polish can fill small nicks and scratches on varnished wood floors.
Make your key work more smoothly by spraying it with cooking spray.

Self-control is keeping yourself from telling others how much you know.
To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.


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