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about St. Patrick’s Day coming up this week. It’s hard to believe this is the fourth blog I’ve written for St. Patrick’s Day. I guess it’s true. “Time goes fast when you’re having fun.”  I love the Irish dancing and of course the music. Can you listen to Danny Boy without feeling a wee bit melancholy? Me neither. It’s said you may get pinched if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Better safe than sorry.

 (Found on Google-deem reliable at your own risk)
The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in America—not Ireland.
The New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade is the world’s oldest civilian parade and the largest in the United States. It began in1762.  They have about 250 marchers.
Chicago began its tradition of turning the Chicago River green on March 17, 1962.
Dublin’s first official celebration of St. Patrick’s Day did not occur until 1932. They now host a huge festival that last four days.


(Taken from Over the Hill & On A Roll)
There’s an advantage in having a poor memory: You have less to forget.
The advantage of a bad memory is that you get to enjoy several times the same good thing you saw the first time.
Memory is the thing you forget with.
Memory reminds you that you’re probably forgetting something.

(Taken from Household Hint Handbook)
Boots will hold their shape if you put a large soda bottle inside.
The sweetest watermelons are those with green and white stripes on rind.
Make plastic bags air-tight when freezing, use straw to suck out air before sealing.
Chunk of cheese will last longer if you coat the cut side with butter.
To keep soft cookies soft, put a slice of bread in the cookie jar.

Price of pillows cost more because down is up.
Five people can stay dry under one umbrella, if it isn’t raining.

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Punch Lines are complimentary of Fr. John Hampsch, C.M.F

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