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Blog June 19,2023

about the other day when I slipped on a plastic bag that was on the floor in my garage. I didn’t fall but I think I learned a new dance. It reminded me how easy it is to slip on unnoticed ‘things’ where we are walking. I’m going to keep my eye peeled for things like cracked pavement, wet floors, spilled food or drink, broken tiles and actually countless other things. Now all I need to do is remember to that.

When a clothes dryer repair was a knot in the clothe line.
We wore a penny in our shoe.
There were ink wells in the desk.
We played pick-up-sticks.
We had to defrost the refrigerator.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.
He said there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me; and that’s what he did.

Keep damp books from getting mildewed, sprinkle cornstarch throughout the pages. Wait several hours until all the moisture has been absorbed, then brush out the starch. If any trace of dampness remains, repeat process.
To help untie a stubborn knot, sprinkle it with a little cornstarch.
Sprinkle cornstarch inside your rubber gloves to make it easier to put on and off.
Remove dirt and add fluff to pet without bathing, rub cornstarch into the dog’s coat, then comb and brush out.

THIS I’VE LEARNED   –  Coming up new each week
(about patience)
Perhaps we work so very hard to accomplish something and lose faith because we don’t think it’s happening. Or we may spend time helping others and wonder if you really are doing a good thing. Look around you, see the flower that is in bloom. You can see that it has grown, but did you see it moving as it was growing? The leaves have turned color, but did you see it happen? Think about it!

(Taken from Fr. Hampsch’s book, UPLIFTS)
The first step to wisdom is silence; the second is listening.
Remedy for sadness: recall a memory that makes you smile.

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