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how much it costs to eat-out these days. Yet, I’m amazed that restaurants are still as busy as ever. I guess people are so happy they aren’t stuck at home anymore. Actually, the high cost at the restaurants helps me accept the inflated prices at the grocery stores. I just remind myself that it’s okay because it would cost me more if I went to a restaurant. Now I just need to find a way to justify paying so much for gas.

(Taken from The Household Hint Handbook)
If you need only half an onion, cut it in half crosswise and save the root end.
You can freeze onions in a tightly covered container. They won’t make you cry, and are easier to dice. (I didn’t know this until I read it, I haven’t tried it yet)
To keep lettuce and celery fresh, store in a brown paper bag in the fridge. Line the vegetable bin with paper towels to absorb any accumulated moisture.
Remove the tops of radishes, carrots, beets and turnips before storing.

The best way to tell a woman’s age is when she’s not around.
The best ten years of a woman’s life are between the ages of 29 and 30.
A sure sign of old age is when you feel your corns more than your oats.
By the time we get old enough not to care what anybody says about us, nobody says anything.

(about anger)
We all feel anger at one time or another. It’s normal, so let’s give ourselves permission to have these feelings. Then deal with it. Let the inner voice recognize the anger for what it is and why. It might lose its significance. Think about it?

(Taken from Fr. Hampsch’s book, UPLIFTS)
If you can’t make light of your troubles, keep them in the dark.
When talking about your troubles, half of your listeners aren’t interested and the other half are glad.

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