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I WAS THINKING… about the lizards that have adopted my yard for their home. They can move so fast and yet be perfectly
still for a long time as they perch with their head in the air. I find them very interesting and kind of cute except for the long ones
that remind me of a snake. I have one thing to say to them: GET OUT OF MY YARD.

A tree service: TREEWISEMEN
A cleaning service: SPRUCE SPRINGCLEAN
An ice-cream truck: THE ROLLING CONES
Clothing alterations: SEW IT SEAMS
Hair saloon: CURL UP & DYE

(From food & Fitness)
Neve place glass bakeware on top of the stove, metal trivet, damp towel or directly on counter or in a sink.
Always place on a dry cloth pot holder or towel.
Always fully preheat before putting in oven.
Cover bottom with liquid before cooking meat or vegetables.
Do not add liquid to already hot glassware.
Allow hot glassware to cool before washing, refrigerating or freezing.
Discard any cracked or chipped dish.

There is no one who doesn’t have hard times along with best times.
Of course, difficult times are not easy and most of the time we don’t have a choice but to deal with a situation.
But the good news is that troubling times can sometimes offer us growth, serenity and patience.
Accepting that offer will make the hard times less challenging. Think about it!

(Taken from Fr. Hampsch’s book UpLifts)
When things go wrong, don’t go with it.
A candle’s light isn’t lessened by lighting another candle.

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