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about a friend who recently moved into an assisted living facility because of failing eyesight and certainly not because of a failing mind. Leaving her home meant getting rid of things she treasured all her life. It was agony for her. But she was able to take the most important things in her life, things like time, love, music, friendship and faith. It made me look around at all my “stuff”. I mean lots of stuff. I want to appreciate all of it more. Maybe I’ll even sort through it to see what I don’t need.  Maybe…someday.

It’s not forgetting things that bothers me—it’s remembering that I’ve forgotten to remember is what scares me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter…When I go into a room to get something, I wonder what am I here after.

John was on the bus sitting behind a mother and her young son.  The boy kept turning around to make ugly faces at him.
“My mother always told me if I made ugly faces, it would stay that way,” John said.
To which the boy replied, “Well, don’t say you weren’t warned.”

(Taken from Mary Ellen’s Helpful Hints
A few drops of vinegar will keep poached eggs from running all over the pan.
Cover egg yolks with cold water, store in the fridge. They’ll keep for several days.
If an egg is stuck to the carton, wet the box and the egg can be easily removed.
Brown and white shelled eggs are the same quality.
Egg whites can be kept frozen up to one year. Use them for meringues, angel food cake, macaroons or google some delicious recipes.

Everyone believes in free speech except the phone companies.
The difference between “good-looking” and “looking good” is about 30 years.

OIP (12)

Theresa Klunk Schultz

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