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about my favorite color. Anyone that walks into my house can see that it’s blue. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I love the calming blue skies. I asked five of my friends what was their favorite color and guess what? They all said blue. Maybe great minds think alike.
Can you guess what color everyone can wear? Many years ago, when I had my ‘colors done’, I was told it was Turquoise.

(One of several results found on Google)
Purple: Spiritually and imagination
Red: Passion and Energy
Orange: Enthusiasm and emotion
Yellow: Happiness and optimism
Green: Harmony and health
Turquoise: Calmness & Clarity
Blue: Trust & Loyalty
Pink: Love & Compassion
Brown: Stability & reliability
Black: Power & sophistication

“I like clicking my Life Alert Button because all these good-looking men show up.”
“Of course, I exercised. I tossed and turned all-night.”
“ I don’t mind that my mind wanders. I just wish it would take me with it.”
“Sure, I have someone who cares about me. This man calls me from India because he’s concerned about my car warranty.”

(Taken from Easy Does It)
Remove rust from a utensil by placing it inside an onion, leave for a couple hours, then move it around inside the onion for a bit.  You’ll remove a rust-free utensil.
Blend banana peels in a food processor until a smooth paste. Use it to clean silver.
Zap wet sponges in the microwave for a minute or more to keep them free of bacteria.
Alcohol can be used to clean and sanitize your phone. Use cotton swab for small areas.

No one can help another without helping himself.
The most difficult argument to refute is silence.

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Punch Lines are complimentary of Fr. John Hampsch, C.M.F

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